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We go the extra mile to find destinations around the world that are unique and interesting.

Our tours shine a light on how influences like culture, history and geography shape the way people live and care for members of their societies. The tours we create are always accompanied by experienced English-speaking national and local guides who are able to provide meaningful nuggets of information on a destination’s history, culture and traditions. Where necessary, they also provide medical or technical translations, and help to put things into context for you.

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Where we stay

We like charm, comfort, convenience in location, and of course, excellence in service. Where possible, we stay in places of local significance - like the Heritance Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka, designed by renowned local architect, Geoffrey Bawa. We like to include different types of accommodation, ranging from the city centre grande dame, to the contemporary boutique hotel, to something unusual like a fort hotel or a rice barge.

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How we travel

We like to vary the modes of transport used on our tours. Whilst internal flights are often necessary to save on time, for a meaningful feel of a destination, travelling by land is best. We like to include rides on rickshaws, trains, jeeps, ferries, cable cars and rice barges, depending on what a destination has to offer. For exploring locations up close, nothing beats walking - allowing for time to browse, listen and muse, and of course, photo opportunities.

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What we eat

Meal times add to your cultural understanding of a destination. Authentic, local cuisine and drink is a must on all our tours. Our groups enjoy meals at the Koto charity in Hanoi; sample gin made with local juniper in Albania; sip on delicate cups of chá in the teahouses of Sichuan; try Kobe beef in Japan; and taste local Turkish delicacies in Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar. Where possible, we love to include cooking experiences with local herbs and spices too.

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Cradle of humanity


Dramatic landscapes, enchanting wildlife and colourful cultures make Africa a wonderful destination to visit all year round. Learn about medical history while cruising along the majestic Nile river. Visit rock-hewn churches carved out by the oldest Christian civilization in the world. See the incredible wildflowers of the Cape Floral Kingdom in full bloom and taste some of the world's finest wines.

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Ancient civilisations


The Americas are home to an enormous amount of cultural and natural diversity. We run regular natural history tours to the Galapagos islands, alongside veterinary and cultural tours to places like Brazil, Argentina and Cuba. Our tours to Peru take you through spectacular ancient Inca sites, whilst our ocean cruises to the Caribbean explore natural and medical history and culture.

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Ancient philosophies


The world's largest and most populous continent often conjures up images of ancient temples and spirituality, contrasted against bustling streets full of motorbikes, tuk-tuks and street food vendors. We run frequent tours to India and Japan - our most popular destinations, alongside medical, botanical, and cultural tours to places like Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

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Dramatic landscapes


Home to vast wilderness and thriving cities, Australia is a destination teeming with incredible botanical, historical, cultural, culinary and scenic offerings. Learn about ancient cultural practices of the First Nations people. Indulge in majestic sunsets and stargaze at vast pristine night skies. Walk through breathtaking outback scenery, or along pristine coastlines.

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Deep history


From the majestic fjords and Viking ruins of the north, to the Mediterranean culinary delights and ancient Roman relics of the south – Europe is scattered with an abundance of cultural, natural and historical gems. Marvel at the landscapes of Shetland and Orkney and enjoy culinary delights and fine wine in Italy and France. We also run regular river and ocean cruises around Europe.

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