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Your tour was excellent in all ways, the choice of hotels, tour guides and prompt airport pick up and transportation. Also the restaurants and food was excellent. I have to say we have never eaten so much whilst travelling. To tell you frankly we love to explore places on our own and have hardly taken tours. This tour was like a reunion with friends, recalled old memories of our college time and spent an enjoyable holiday together. Thank you very much for the detailed caring.

Dr and Mrs Nagree, Private tour to Peru, Brazil and Argentina 18 April - 6 May 2018

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Thoroughly impressed with itinerary and visits to sites and hospitals etc. John [local guide] made it look simple and seamless … a lot of work /effort has gone in preparation. This was a great taste of a country reshaping itself. Truly enjoyed every minute.

Daan Eringa, Occupational Therapy in China, March 2017