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Lucy Malouf is an award-winning food and travel writer with a particular interest in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. She believes firmly that food is a delicious way of appreciating and understanding histories and cultures different from our own. Together with her first husband, Michelin-chef Greg Malouf, she is the co-author of 8 best-selling food-travel books, including Turquoise a chef’s travels in Turkey, as well as Saha, New Feast and Arabesque. After twenty-five years in Australia, Lucy is now settled in Kent, the garden of England. She contributes features and reviews to anthologies, newspapers, magazines and restaurant guides, as well as food, wine, travel and tourism books and web sites.

In 2019 Greg and Lucy's latest cookbook, SUQAR: Desserts & Sweets from the modern Middle East won the prestigious James Beard Foundation award for Baking & Desserts.