Jon Baines Tours​ Lindy Moffat

Lindy Moffat is a major events specialist who has travelled extensively - including living on an Israeli kibbutz and in the UK. She spent many years at the Australian Football League producing Brownlow Medal functions, Grand Final entertainment and managing overseas tours. She then established the Landcare Foundation a government/corporate environmental body before accepting the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons invitation to establish their Conferences and Events Department. Lindy then spent over 20 years travelling Australia and internationally organising educational events for surgical societies with the largest event being the Annual Scientific Congress attracting around 3,000 surgeons encompassing all surgical specialties. It is the major annual continuing professional development activity for Australasian surgeons. Lindy is a passionate history, art and sports lover and if you sneak a look in her bag you will always find a few history books and usually a tennis biography or two. And always some chocolate… for just in case.