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Since 1995, Hemant Patel has served on the local, national, European, Commonwealth and world pharmacy bodies. 

He is the Secretary of NE London LPC and has served the profession of pharmacy as President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB for four terms and was awarded the first ever Charter Award in 2011 for his contribution to his profession.

In particular, has made contribution to pharmacists’ role in medicines safety and effectiveness in use, introduction of public health services in community pharmacy, and now the innovation of SelfCare Pharmacy practice.

Hemant is well known for his personal commitment to improve the profession of pharmacy and to meet changing needs of the patients, and the public.


Hemant Patel will be leading these tours

Havana, Cuba

Pharmacy in Cuba

16 - 27 Jan 2022

There is only one Cuba. This vivacious tropical island with music throbbing through its veins has a vivid history and character, kept intact by a half century of economic isolation. It also has a...

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