Hemant Patel

Since 1995, Hemant Patel has served on the local, national, European, Commonwealth and world pharmacy bodies.

Before retiring, he served the profession of pharmacy as President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain for four terms and was awarded in 2011 the first ever Charter Award for his contribution to the profession. He also previously served as the Secretary of North East London Pharmaceutical Committee, Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association, and Vice Chair of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee.

Hemant has contributed to the role of pharmacists in medicine's safety and effectiveness in use, the introduction of public health services in community pharmacy, and the innovation of SelfCare Pharmacy practice. Hemant is well known for his personal commitment to improving the profession of pharmacy and the changing needs of patients and the public.

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In 2011, Hemant was awarded the first ever Charter Award for his contribution to pharmacy.
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Hemant Patel
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