Chet Pager

Dr Chet Pager grew up in Honolulu and spent a lot of time in his parents' home cities of Melbourne and London, graduating to adulthood with five passports and a love for travel. He is qualified as a medical doctor in both the UK and Australia and has practised in both countries. Since completing his PhD in 2015, he has become more settled in London.

Chet originally started out in Education (studying at Harvard, Stanford and Cape Town) and worked in policy and evaluation as a consultant for the RAND corporation and the Victorian Government. After qualifying and initial training in Medicine at Sydney Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, he assisted the NSW Government in developing local Aboriginal health plans. His interest in Indigenous health policy led him to a JD at Yale Law School and a year of studying Zulu. He has also volunteered in medical settings in Mali, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nepal and South Africa.

On the travel front, Chet has been a Tour Doctor as well as Tour Manager for Captain's Choice since 2005. He has also worked with the UK-based Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, a number of UK Charity Challenge companies, and is a leader and medical technical advisor for The Perse School's Outdoor Pursuits Programme, which in 2023 culminated in ascending a 6,200m peak in Bolivia (in 2024 it will be a 5,800m peak in Ladakh). Chet has visited more than 140 countries and led or assisted leading over 50 tours and expeditions.

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