Secret London 2: Beneath the Known with the Royal Society of Medicine - TOUR FULL

17 - 20 Jun 2022
  • Cultural Tours

About the tour

London is full of secrets. Its long and multi-layered history takes many twists and turns and even today there are sides to London many people will never see.

On this tour we will reveal some of London's secrets, its hidden nooks and crannies and the places where only insiders can go; but of course, the information is strictly classified. We can only hint at our secret itinerary in this all-too-public space.

In the interests of security, we will travel by private transport or with drivers of the ether throughout. All will be revealed to the privileged few who secure a place on this tour; but until then, sssshhhh.

Your tour leader

Picture of JBT tour leader, Janice Liverseidge

Janice Liverseidge

Janice Liverseidge was previously Director of Membership at The Royal Society of Medicine and is now a full time guide and in her spare time a trustee of both the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund and the London Handel Festival. Earlier in her career she worked for the British Medical Association. She is also a registered Blue Badge tourist guide and regularly leads groups in London on medical history walks, tours of the Wellcome Collection and other healthcare locations plus provides music and art tours for the Foundling Museum and the London Handel Festival. Janice has travelled extensively, including an eight month journey around India, South East Asia and Australia, and has led highly successful RSM tours to Vietnam and Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Cuba, South Africa and China.

Janice has the Visit Britain "Good to Go" Industry standard demonstrating that she has shown her compliance with government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, has a Risk Assessment in place and ensures social distancing including using a phone app when providing tour commentaries.

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Itinerary at a glance

Day 1: London (Fri, 17 June): Meet at the Royal Society of Medicine. Travel below the bar to the hollow brook to see buried treasure. Bung into a hole for a traditional tasting, courtesy of the brace and bit. Enjoy a feast of wilcuma.

Day 2: London (Sat, 18 June): Strut your stuff on a walking tour through the history of Cups and Saucers, Pigeon Holes and the Golden Rump. Set up to be legitimate, explore this building described by Samuel Pepys to be 'made with extraordinary good contrivance,' but avoid the man in grey. Continue to a district for men of ability. Leave the maiden and brave the beasts on the way to Cherryngge, where you will journey into the depths of darkness.

Day 3: London (Sun, 19 June): Meet at the fulcrum and follow the unseen to cross the ditch and be drawn along a road, down the valley and past ancient bloody showers to the sacred confluence. Hear of rummaging amongst the rubbish on the longest and most varied archaeological site in the world. To a sweet place for a private tour on watery origins from Vinum Sulloniacas onwards. Bejewelled dinner at the Eastern Society.

Day 4: London (Mon, 20 June): Take the long and winding road to a place where victory was once fragrant.

Tour cost

The cost of the tour is £790 pp sharing for RSM members. The cost for non RSM members is £840 pp sharing.