Dr Wendy Denning

Dr Wendy Denning is a GP with over 30 years of experience. She has been nominated to Tatler's Top Doctor list 3 years in a row. Her passion has always been integrated medicine and she went to medical school with the intention of practising integrated medicine when she qualified.

She has spent 5 months in India doing volunteer work as a doctor - assisting at an eye camp serving 10,000 patients, assisting on a mobile hospital and shadowing a doctor who practised Ayruvedic Medicine. She has travelled to Bangalore and spent 3 weeks at the wonderful Soukya Clinic. She has also been on a 2 week medical trip to the Rajasthan and visited other areas of India during her many visits.

In addition to this she has spent two years studying Chinese medicine, many years studying nutritional medicine and has been practising integrated medicine in her clinic for over 25 years. She was co-presenter on the successful Channel Five Show - The Diet Doctors Inside and Out and cowrote a Sunday Times Best Selling Book to accompany this show. In the past she has served on the GP Steering Group for the Prince of Wales Foundation for Integrated Health and also on the committee for an integrated approach to obstetrics and gynaecology in this country. She now lectures regularly on the integrated approach to the menopause and perimenopause.

Did you know?
Wendy has also hiked the Annapurna range in Nepal.
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