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Dr Campbell Costello BVSc is a multi-species general practitioner who obtained his degree at James Cook University in 2010. He works as a veterinary contractor in the international livestock sector, which takes him to countries all around the world.

Campbell has an incredibly colourful background and wealth of experience. In 2013, he trekked across the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan before relocating to the Highveldt of South Africa as a large African game and wildlife veterinarian. In 2016, Campbell was stationed in Kazakhstan as the head veterinarian and farm manager of an Angus Beef Cattle farm and helped establish one of the country’s first cattle ventures since the demise of the Soviet Union. Campbell was also one of the only English-speaking veterinarians to attend the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. In early 2019, Campbell was the mounted veterinarian for the Gaucho Derby recce mission, which involved riding across the Argentine area of Patagonia for several days, monitoring the local Criollo horses and mapping a basic route for the inaugural Gaucho Derby race in 2020.

Campbell has led successful veterinary study tours for Jon Baines Tours to Borneo and Malaysia in 2022 and South Africa in 2023.

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Campbell was the year’s youngest rider in the world’s longest horse race, the Mongol Derby in 2012.
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