Agustina Fitte

Agustina Fitte is originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina, where she received her degree at University of Buenos Aires. After graduation she started working at the Buenos Aires zoo and later on at Temaiken Animal Park, where she participated in the zoo design and translocation of African animals into the park.

Coming from a farmland environment her professional experience encompasses a wide variety of animals such as cattle, horses and small animals, as well as zoo animals. In 2012, she visited South Africa for the first time and fell in love with the country and its people. She moved there in 2013 to begin her MSc looking at the consequences of capturing and immobilising wild antelope. After completing her MSc degree, Fitte was offered a post as a clinical assistant at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort in South Africa in 2017.

Agustina is currently completing a MMed Vet degree in wildlife diseases, which is her specialty.

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Agustina is originally from Buenos Aires in Argentina.
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