Medicine and Society in Japan with the Royal Society of Medicine

9 - 21 Mar 2020
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About the tour

Japan juxtaposes refined ritual and ancient history with hyper modernity. Futuristic neon and urban street fashion sit next to Zen serenity and stylised ceremony. It is unique in its food, culture, dress and traditions, and a singular history also means that it has had to adjust to the impact of one of modern technology's most cataclysmic inventions - the effects of which still resonate today.

On this tour you will experience the magnificent culture and history of Japan and examine its contemporary culture and healthcare systems. See Japan’s most famous traditional art form – woodblock printing – as well as its most exciting contemporary art on Naoshima Island. Wander through one of Japan’s three great gardens in Okayama as well as an exquisite private garden and a traditional Zen garden. Visit one of Japan’s greatest castles, Himeji, and explore Hiroshima and its still-reverberating history. Experience lesser known Japan, including the old merchant quarter of the canal port of Kurashiki. Spectacular journeys include taking a bullet train past Mt Fuji and cruising past the great Torii Shrine across the Inland Sea, as well as walking through the soaring bamboo forest of Arashiyama.

There is a wide range of high level professional visits and talks that provide insight into the particular challenges and approaches of medicine and healthcare within Japanese society.

Your tour leader

Picture of JBT tour leader, Janice Liverseidge

Janice Liverseidge

Janice Liverseidge is a Director of the Royal Society of Medicine which provides over 400 cross specialty educational meetings each year and is the home of one of the largest medical libraries in the world. Earlier in her career she worked for the British Medical Association. She is also a registered Blue Badge Tourist Guide and regularly leads groups in London on medical history walks, tours of the Wellcome Collection and other healthcare locations plus provides music and art tours for the Foundling Museum and the London Handel Festival.  Janice has travelled extensively including an eight month journey around India, South East Asia and Australia.  More recent travels have taken her to South America, Burma, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

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Itinerary at a glance

  • 9 March (Mon) Tokyo: Arrive and transfer to the hotel Villa Fontaine Shiodome
  • 10 Mar (Tues) Tokyo: Visit Jikei University School of Medicine, the only medical school founded on British medicine, during the Meiji era. Visit fashionable Harajuku and the Woodblock Print Museum and the Nezu Museum and its lovely garden. Return to the hotel walking through upmarket Ginza. Welcome dinner
  • 11 Mar (Wed) Tokyo: Professional visit (TBC). Visit the Edo Museum, the historic Asakusa neighbourhood and Senso-ji Temple. Cruise along the Sumida River to Hamraiku Garden. Explore the gardens and take tea in a traditional tea house
  • 12 Mar (Thurs) Tokyo / Okayama: Train to Nagoya. Visit a local clinic and see community-based health care. Travel to Okayama and check into the ANA Crowne Plaza
  • 13 Mar (Fri) Okayama: Travel to Kurashiki and explore the attractive riverside old merchant quarter and the pharmacy museum. Option to visit the Ohara Museum of Art. Return to Okayama and at leisure
  • 14 Mar (Sat) Okayama: Travel to Naoshima Island, known as 'Art Island' on the Inland Sea. Visit the Chichu Art Museum and the Benesse House Museum
  • 15 Mar (Sun) Okayama / Hiroshima: Visit to the Korakuen Gardens. Travel to Hiroshima. Check into the Grand Prince Hotel
  • 16 Mar (Mon) Hiroshima: Visit Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine (RIRBM). Talk: “Clinical radiation effect of the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima and nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima” by Prof. Nobuyuki Hirohashi. Visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum. Cruise on the Inland Sea past the Torii Shrine to Miyajima Island for sunset
  • 17 Mar (Tues) Hiroshima / Kobe: Visit Himeji Castle en route to Kobe. Train to Kobe. Arrive and transfer to the Oriental Hotel. Optional Kobe beef dinner
  • 18 Mar (Wed ) Kobe: At leisure. Lunch at the refugee centre. Visit the Earthquake Memorial Museum and Sawanotsuru Sake Museum
  • 19 Mar (Thurs) Kobe/Kyoto/Kobe: Train to Kyoto. Sightseeing tour on foot to food and craft markets (walk down Nishiki and Teramachi-dori) and old Kyoto. Visit the Golden Pavilion and its garden. Travel out to Arashiyama. Walk through the Arashiyama bamboo forest. Visit the Actors' Garden and tea house. Return to Kobe late afternoon
  • 20 March (Fri) Kobe: Visit Nara, the first capital of Japan. Explore the gardens and attractive parkland with many ancient temples, a pagoda and hall with nine golden buddhas at leisure. Farewell dinner
  • 21 March (Sat) Kobe: Depart for airport

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