Engineering in Japan

4 - 15 Nov 2019
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About the tour

Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world; a place where ancient history jostles with neon modernity and Zen serenity with a fast paced, technological efficiency.

Historically, Japan was known for its exquisite craftmanship and attention to detail, typified by the brutally effective samurai sword. Japan opened to the world in the mid-nineteenth century and industrialisation then took place rapidly. Whilst learning modern manufacturing from other countries, Japan maintained its commitment to high quality products.

This tour aims to link past and present. Travel through Japan and learn of the history of the country, see traditional craftsmanship and examples of modern Japanese engineering, both civil and mechanical. There is also a full range of cultural, scenic and historical visits throughout Japan at a lovely time of year.

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Your tour leader

Picture of JBT tour leader, Michael Knight

Michael Knight

A Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Member of the National Society for Professional Engineers in the USA, Michael spent the major part of his working life with an American Chemical Corporation. He was based in the USA for several years as a Global Project Manager working on projects in Asia, Europe & North America. He returned to the UK in the role of Global Technology Centre Manager for the Corporation and Engineering Manager of a COMAH Site. After ten years in these roles he then spent five years as the Corporations Global Process Engineering Manager. 

Since retirement Michael has lectured at the four main Universities in South Wales and has also concentrated on promoting engineering to young people through the Year in Industry Scheme at two of these Universities. 

Michael is a past Chairman of the IMechE South Wales Region, followed by several years as Regional Treasurer. He currently Chairs Company MPDS Accreditations for the IMechE and is an interviewer for Institution Membership.

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Itinerary at a glance

  • 4 Nov (Mon) Tokyo: Arrive and transfer to the hotel
  • 5 Nov (Tues) Tokyo: Visit the Edo Museum, the historic Asakusa neighbourhood and Senso-ji Temple. Visit the Skytree for spectacular Tokyo views. Cruise along the Sumida River to Hamraiku Garden. Explore the gardens and take tea in a traditional tea house. Enjoy a welcome dinner in the evening
  • 6 Nov (Wed) Tokyo: Visit Japan Sword Museum and learn of the history of the samurai sword and the development of sword forging. Visit the ANA Maintenance Facility at Haneda Airport and explore Akihabara “Electric City” by night
  • 7 Nov (Thurs) Tokyo / Hakone / Tokyo: Take the Odakyu Romance Train to Sagami-Ono and visit the rail maintenance yards. Visit Hakone for views of Mt Fuji*. Take the cable car across Lake Ashi to view the Autumnal colours. Return to Tokyo by train
  • 8 Nov (Fri) Tokyo / Kanazawa: Bullet train across Japan to Kanazawa and transfer to the hotel. Visit the samurai quarter, including the old pharmacy, the samurai house and garden, the Yuzen Silk Centre and the Kubani Kutaraki pottery
  • 9 Nov (Sat) Kanazawa: Visit the Kenrokuen Garden.Visit the geisha quarter (Higashichaya Old Town) including the Ochaya Bunkakan Sake House, Kaikaro Geisha House, a gold leaf house and museum
  • 10 Nov (Sun) Kanazawa / Kyoto: Train to Kyoto and transfer to the hotel.Visit the Nijo Castle. Walk through Arashiyama Forest and take tea at the Actor's Garden
  • 11 Nov (Mon) Kyoto: Visit the Golden Pavilion and its garden. Walking tour to food and craft markets (walk down Nishiki and Teramachi-dori) and explore old Kyoto.Drive to Hiniaratakan and learn of their state-of-the-art distribution or at leisure in Kyoto
  • 12 Nov(Tues) Kyoto / Kobe: Visit the Kyoto Rail Museum. Train to Kobe and check into the hotel. Visit to Kitano Carpentry Museum
  • 13 Nov (Wed) Kobe / Kyoto/ Kobe: Visit the Advanced Materials Processing Institute or at leisure. Visit the Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum and the Sawanotsuru Sake Museum. Option of a Kobe Beef dinner
  • 14 Nov (Thurs) Kobe: Visit the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Exhibition Centre. Travel out to visit the Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Centre. Farewell shabu-shabu dinner
  • 15 Nov (Fri) Kobe: Depart for airport

Tour cost

Ground only price is US $5,148 per person sharing (excluding international flights and transfers)

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