Nairites and Friends 90th Anniversary Cruise: Italy, Croatia, Turkey and the Greek Islands

23 - 30 Jun 2023
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About the tour

This fully inclusive cruise takes you in 5-star luxury from the Italian city of Trieste along the stunning Croatian coast to Split and chic Korcula. Continue into the Aegean Sea and Greek islands including the most spectacular of all, Santorini, as well as the historic island of Rhodes. Cruise to Turkey and visit Ephesus with its dramatic Roman archaeology before finishing in Athens.

There is a range of optional escorted visits to beautiful coastal towns and sites of historical interest, as well as ample leisure time to enjoy the relaxed local way of life and the excellent facilities on board the Ms Oosterdam. The ship has a range of cabins to choose from.

Extend before the cruise in Venice (a short drive from Trieste where the cruise embarks) and at Athens at the end of the cruise.

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Itinerary at a glance

  • Day 1: Trieste, Italy (Friday 23 June) Optional pre tour in Venice. Board the Ms Oosterdam and depart from Trieste.
  • Day 2: Split, Croatia (Saturday, 24 June) Arrive mid-morning and depart late evening. Split is the point of access to the many islands along the coast. Much of its old town is within the walls of Diocletian's Palace, a 1,700-year-old UNESCO listed fortress on the seafront. Roman Emperor Diocletian built the palace as his retirement home and over the centuries many conquerors have taken refuge within its thick walls. Explore its labyrinthine streets and experience its historic heart. See lively cafés and shops tucked into the ancient palace, or venture beyond it to discover busy squares and markets, quiet trails and beautiful beaches. Optional shore excursion visiting historic Split. Depart late evening.
  • Day 3: Korcula, Croatia (Sunday, 25 June) Arrive early morning and depart late afternoon. Korčula Old Town is the island’s treasured highlight. Its stone architecture and historic ambiance reflect almost four centuries of Venetian rule, with towered gates, lion statues magnificent palazzos and elaborate stonework peppering the charming streets. Venturing out of the Old Town, you will encounter historic villages, picturesque bays, waterfront promenades and welcoming locals. Korčula is one of the last places on earth where knightly games like the Moreška dances are still regularly performed and where medieval fraternitiesstill keep up their centuries-old traditions. The island is a treasure trove of history, nature and serenity. Optional shore excursion visiting Korcula. Depart late afternoon.
  • Day 4: At Sea (Monday, 26 June) A full day cruising into the Aegean Sea with the opportunity to relax or take part in the wide range of entertainment options onboard, take part in the fitness activities or relax in the Greenhouse Spa and Salon.
  • Day 5: Santorini, Greece (Tuesday, 27 June) Arrive early morning and depart early evening. Santorini, the jewel in the crown of Greece's Cyclades, is best known as the island with the giant volcanic caldera at its heart. Enjoy the art, food and legendary wines of this island that some believe may have been the site of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Best of all, enjoy the stunning views from the clifftop cafes, bars and restaurants. Optional shore excursion visiting Santorini.
  • Day 6: Rhodes, Greece (Wednesday, 28 June) Arrive early morning and depart early evening. Rhodes Town, offers an enduring blend of history and architecture, and the island's interior is filled with lushly forested hills. To the south, Lindos, one of the most stunning villages in all of Greece, is watched over by a picture-perfect ancient ruin on the hill above. Though many civilizations have left their mark on Rhodes, its independent spirit has endured and the island has managed to retain its natural beauty, from the mountain heights down to the gorgeous beaches and coves. Optional shore excursion visiting Rhodes.
  • Day 7: Ephesus, Turkey (Thursday, 29 June) Arrive early morning and depart early evening. Kusadasi in Turkey is the gateway to one of the most legendary cities of the ancient world: Ephesus. St. Paul preached in its Great Theatre, while the facade of the Celsus Library survives as a testament to the city’s role as a center of learning and culture. Near to Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis (also known as the Temple of Diana), one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, once stood, drawing pilgrims from around the Mediterranean. While it no longer stands, it is possible to walk amongst its foundations and the remains of its towering columns. Other historic sites can also be found nearby: The House of Mary is believed to be the home of Jesus’s mother at the end of her life, and the Basilica of St. John, constructed in the 6thcentury, marks the location of his tomb. (Like Mary, he spent his final years in Ephesus). Optional shore excursion visiting Rhodes.
  • Day 8: Athens, Greece (Friday, 30 June) Arrive in the early morning and transfer to the airport or extend in Athens.

Tour cost

The cost of a cabin per person sharing is FROM USD $1,704. The cost of a cabin to yourself is FROM USD $2,775

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