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Richard Warren is a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. He is a generalist in obstetrics and gynaecology with particular interest in menstrual irregularity, menorrhagia, hormone replacement, premenstrual syndrome and prolapse. He has local, regional and national involvement with training and education.  Mr Warren has served many years on RCOG Committees and RCOG Council and he is the past Honorary Secretary of the RCOG. He has been chairman of the RCOG Workforce Advisory Committee and has previously led very successful tours to South India, South Africa and Cuba. Mr Warren has travelled widely and has a number of excellent personal and professional contacts in various destinations.

Richard Warren will be leading these tours

  • Cycling back from market

    Obstetrics, Fertility and Gynaecology in Vietnam

    25 Mar - 3 Apr 2018

    Learn about obstretrics and gynaecology alongside a cultural itinerary that lets you enjoy the best of a richly rewarding destination - Vietnam. There is also an optional extension to Cambodia,...
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