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Dr John Richardson is an Emeritus Professor of Primary Care and General Practice. He has led study tours worldwide and was a medical escort to parties of war widows and veterans on journeys of remembrance for the Royal British Legion. He has also run many history of medicine battlefield tours. He has visited more than 80 countries and worked in 41 of them as a doctor. John has previously led tours for Jon Baines to China, Central Asia, India, Turkey, Central America, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Namibia, Ethiopia, Indo-China and Burma. He has also given lectures on cruises. John has also acted as doctor to six sailing expeditions with service personnel and students in the Caribbean.

Susi Richardson has travelled widely across the world with John either as an expedition nurse, or as a nurse on war grave pilgrimages for the Royal British Legion, or as co-tour leader for Jon Baines Tours, or accompanying her husband on his British Army medical officer postings.

John and Susi Richardson were the doctor and nurse respectively on The British Trans Americas Expedition 1971-2; the first ever drive from Alaska to Cape Horn and the first crossing of the Darian Gap in Panama. Together, they have co-led Jon Baines Tours tours to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, to India, to Vietnam, to Malaysia and on cruises.

John and Susi Richardson will be leading these tours

See magnificent Godafoss Falls

A Cruise In the Wake of the Vikings: The History, Landscapes and Wildlife of Iceland

17 - 26 Apr 2024

Led by popular tour leading team, Professor John Richardson and Susi Richardson, this Fred Olsen cruise takes you from Newcastle to the stunning landscapes of Iceland. Iceland is a magical...