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Dr. William Renato da Silva Mendes is a veterinarian in Rio de Janeiro who specializes in dermatology and endocrinology.  In 2003 he entered university to pursue his life-long dream of studying veterinary medicine.  William earned his Bachelor degree from Castelo Branco University and his Masters and Doctoral degrees from the Fluminense Federal University.  In addition, for over 25 years he has worked as a professional tour guide, leading visitors in Rio de Janeiro, throughout Brasil and on trips to Europe.  Today William divides his time between working as a vet at two clinics in Rio and as a tour guide. 

Dr William Renato da Silva Mendes has previously led these tours

  • Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio

    Veterinary Medicine in Brazil

    4 - 17 Aug 2018

    Brazil is one of the world's most captivating countries. From the white sand beaches, to wild rainforests and rhythm-filled metropolises, it’s a country that has a rich history and varied...
    • Medical & Professional Tours