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Dr Norman Swan AM FAHMS is a Scottish-born Australian physician, journalist and broadcaster. Norman trained in medicine and paediatrics in Aberdeen, London and Sydney before joining the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Based in Australia, Norman hosts Radio National’s (RN) Health Report and during the COVID-19 pandemic, has co-hosted 'Coronacast', a podcast on the Coronavirus. Norman is also a reporter and commentator on the ABC’s 7.30, Midday, News Breakfast and Four Corners, and a guest host on RN Breakfast. He is a past winner of the Gold Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism and has won other Walkleys, including one in 2020. He created 'Invisible Enemies', on pandemics and civilisation, for Channel 4 UK and subsequently broadcast in 27 countries. Norman has been awarded the medal of the Australian Academy of Science and an honorary MD from the University of Sydney.

His book, 'So You Think You Know What’s Good For You' (Hachette) is an Australian best seller and was recently also released in the UK. His latest book 'So You Want To Live Younger Longer' has also been on the best seller list.

Norman will be accompanied by an English, Italian and French speaking tour manager. There will also be a range of local guides and specialists and curators sharing their expertise throughout the tour.

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